Septic Tank Pumping in Citrus County

Proper maintenance and cleaning is essential for the long-term health of your septic system. Families of four or more should have their septic tank pumped every year, as well as routine maintenance.

Does Your Septic Tank Need to be Pumped?

Families of 4 or more should have their septic tank pumped annually. If you have a family of two or three, your tank should be pumped every three years or two years, respectively. Here are some other signs your system is due for pumping:

 Pooling water 

 Slow drains


 Sewer backup

 Unusual lawn growth near the septic tank

 Your tank hasn’t been pumped in 3+ years

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Septic Pumping Services You Can Trust

Your septic tank’s ability to trap solid waste diminishes overtime as the tank fills with sludge. The anaerobic bacteria that treats the wastewater becomes less efficient, allowing the system to release dirty effluent into the drainfield that leads to clogs and perforated pipes and stresses the system. Advanced Septic uses EPA-approved processes to pump the tank and properly dispose of waste.

Superior Septic Maintenance

Homeowners in Citrus County have been choosing Advanced Septic for all of their septic needs since 2007. We leverage skilled technicians and the latest innovation to efficiently remove waste and restore your system’s functionality while keeping your costs low.

Every time you call Advanced Septic, you can expect a uniformed technician to arrive at your home on time and prepared to address the problem. During every inspection, we assess the condition of your tank, lids, baffles and walls. If your system was installed before 2004, it has a filter that must be serviced annually. By performing these routine tasks, we can maximize the lifespan of your unit and keep untimely repairs to a minimum.

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